Remember those McDonalds looking logos on sweaters, purses and iPhone cases? That was Moschino‘s collection for this winter. I guess it’s not supposed to be a surprise that the next collection Jeremy Scott designed for them, is pretty extravagant too. There was a giant plastic pink comb included in the invitation after all.  Continue reading



Remember that little boy on Instagram that I suspected to be my baby? Well, I guess I have a little girl walking around somewhere too. I’m nowhere near planning to have kids, but seeing this little girl does make me wish I had a cute little niece or something.  Continue reading


Do you remember those big, shapeless Hawaiian-shirts? Those ugly excuses for clothing? Well, they’re totally into fashion next summer!

In better shape though. Actually, it’s just the fabric that’s been a big inspiration to various designers for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. We’ve seen it on the runways of Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and J.Crew. Awesome! Wanna see more photos? Check it out HERE.


You know I’m usually going pink instead of orange, but I’m afraid next summer will be different. On runways all over the place we not only spotted lots of fun fashion trends, we also saw some beauty-newness going on. Like this one, though I’m not sure how much I like it. Guess.

The orange lipstick! It’s daring, it’s a statement and it’s so not my thing. I guess I’m sticking to pink after all, but if you’re interested: check it out HERE.