They’re always up to date, always look like they’ve come straight out of a fashion magazine. So it may come to no surprise that last Halloween the fashion world was also on the best dressed list.

The funniest photos appeared on Instagram, made by models, designers and other celebrities wearing their Halloween costumes. Can you tell who is hiding behind this beautiful feathered mask? Check it out right HERE.


Christian Dior‘s spring/summer 2014 show was spectacular. Not even as much because of the clothing, but because of the decor. The room was filled with flowers, leaves and even real trees. That must have cost a lot of work. Especially thinking about the show that lasted no longer than ten minutes.

O, well. I guess it was worth it. People are talking about it after all. Wanna see how this all happened? Check it out HERE.


I love my long hair very, very much. But I might have to say goodbye to it this winter after all. The bob is back. It has been seen on many celebrities already so we can say it’s a trend.

Whether or not I’m gonna participate? Well, I don’t know. I’m quite attached to my long blonde locks, I guess. But if you’re interested, check out some photos right HERE.


Do you remember those big, shapeless Hawaiian-shirts? Those ugly excuses for clothing? Well, they’re totally into fashion next summer!

In better shape though. Actually, it’s just the fabric that’s been a big inspiration to various designers for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. We’ve seen it on the runways of Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and J.Crew. Awesome! Wanna see more photos? Check it out HERE.


You know I’m usually going pink instead of orange, but I’m afraid next summer will be different. On runways all over the place we not only spotted lots of fun fashion trends, we also saw some beauty-newness going on. Like this one, though I’m not sure how much I like it. Guess.

The orange lipstick! It’s daring, it’s a statement and it’s so not my thing. I guess I’m sticking to pink after all, but if you’re interested: check it out HERE.


Famous redhead Grace Coddington is mostly known for her role as creative director of the most influential fashion magazine ever: Vogue. We -my fellow Vogue lovers at least- have all seen her in The September Issue. But did you know this awesome woman earned her stripes in modeling too?

She was a well booked model back in the fifty’s, until a serious car crash changed that all. Now she’s back though, back to her roots: modeling. Wondering where? Read it right HERE.


We all know Lady Gaga wears the weirdest things. How about that Kermit the Frog-dress with all the dolls or -way controversial- the dress made completely out of meat! Thierry Mugler‘s frontman Nicola Formichetti designed it all. But now he seems to be done with the singer.

Why? Well, that’s pretty simple. She changes twelve times a day. Twelve! That means you have to think of twelve different and very outstanding outfits, every single day. I can believe the guy’s exhausted. Read all about this right HERE.