Made jewelry accessories

Last summer I was all about jewelry. Less is more? No way! The more the merrier. Bracelets, rings, necklaces. Combine everything with everything. But summer passed and so did my love for lots of jewels on my body. Now I wear one of everything, at most. A simple ring, small necklace and maybe a watch. If I feel like it. Which is why I’m happy I discovered Made. A jewelry brand that’s all about quality over quantity.  Continue reading



I’ve been whining about it forever, but now that Christmas is over I can’t wait for summer. Especially summer fashion. Flowers, feathers and flowy dresses: I love it. With that you have to – of course – find the perfect jewelry. And I think I did, more than in time for summer. Continue reading


I love flowers, especially roses. It might be cliché, but they’re so lovable. Except when they sting, of course. But the roses I’m talking about right now won’t sting at all. They’ll just look pretty.

These images down below belong to the new jewelry collection by Mr. Kate, called Winter Rose. Isn’t it beautiful? They’re all handmade pieces, edgy yet sweet. I’d love to get some roses like these. Isn’t it just the perfect holiday gift? And yes, this might be a hint.

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It’s been I while! I guess I haven’t photographed a lot of things lately so here’s a compilation of what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. Highlight: brand new beautiful business cards! Continue reading


This may look like it’s art, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that there’s actually jewelry hidden in these pictures. They’re items created by Isabelle and Fleur. Their label IVY & LIV recently launched a new collection called Amazon and it’s definitely something different.

The Amazon collection contains lots of different rings, necklaces and other accessory-items. My favorites are the bracelets though. You all know I’m a big fan of armcandy so that may come as no surprise. Though for that price, I really have to save up for some time. Until then: just enjoy these images.