nugi for COCO-MAT natural beauty products

If you ask me about my favorite beauty product I won’t even let you finish before yelling – yes, yelling – coconut oil. It’s an absolute miracle worker if you ask me. The only downside is the fact that it gets rock hard when it’s below about ten degrees. Which it is in my bathroom when winter kicks in. Let’s get to the point here: this product is a great substitute.  Continue reading


Bobbi Brown AW14 Scotch on the Rocks

The holidays are coming up! Yes, I know it’s not even December yet. Nevertheless all my favorite beauty-brands already have their holiday collection in stores. Like Bobbi Brown, who’s collection is filled with warm colors and a little bit of glitz and glam here and there. My favorite combination! Continue reading


2014, nov

Hello November! Hello fall and hello Instalife! With it being fall and all you can imagine I’ve been going wild snapping pictures. Or not really? I have been sick for about two weeks so there’s not as many picks of beautiful green and brownish colors as I would like. There is enough to talk about yet again though, so let’s get started.  Continue reading