Made jewelry accessories

Last summer I was all about jewelry. Less is more? No way! The more the merrier. Bracelets, rings, necklaces. Combine everything with everything. But summer passed and so did my love for lots of jewels on my body. Now I wear one of everything, at most. A simple ring, small necklace and maybe a watch. If I feel like it. Which is why I’m happy I discovered Made. A jewelry brand that’s all about quality over quantity.  Continue reading


Molinis pumps

Do you ever get bored of your pumps that are just plain black – or any other color for that matter – and not very exciting at all? I get that! Especially with the holidays coming up, who doesn’t love a little bit of extra sparkle then? Here’s a simple way to brighten up your simple shoes! And the most positive thing: they make walking in those high heels way easier.  Continue reading


They All Hate Us

It may sound like a teenage kinda quote, but The All Hate Us is actually a very cool shop I recently discovered. Filled with beauty product and fashion items that are just slightly different than what you’d find in your everyday store, this website is definitely one I recommend you take a look at. Continue reading


Is there anything more awesome than panda’s? Well, no. But a panda on a comfi grey sweater making a heart with his paws sure comes close. And guess what? I got one of those. And it’s just one example of the amazing items Berlin brand Juniqe makes. And one of those items can be yours quite soon.  Continue reading