Human + Kind skincare tested

We are all human and we are all kind. Sounds logical right? It’s the slogan of the gorgeous beauty products up here. It’s a new brand that’s all about natural skincare that’s easy on the environment. 

Human + Kind uses ingredients that are mostly natural and organic and puts them together to create products like shampoo, conditioner, body oil and even BB cream. Obviously the packaging looks as good as that sounds and also: the price is very friendly.

But the most important thing of course: how do they work? Human + Kind promises effective skin miracles. And they live up to their promise. I tested the shampoo, conditioner, remedy cream and BB cream. About the first two: I’m in love. The miracle cream however smells very bad, it’s good for my skin though. And the BB cream? Wasn’t my color, so I can’t really tell. With that price though, I’d definitely suggest you try out these products and see if they’re a fit for you.


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