Because it looks good, that’s why! Are you starting to think I’ve lost my mind yet? No need, because I’m simply talking about G-Star Raw‘s collection which is – indeed – made out of recycled plastic. And it is awesome! O, and did I mention Pharrell Williams designed it?

Some of you probable know I love the ocean a lot, so the fact that it’s getting more and more polluted is killing me. Which is why I support this collection called Raw for the oceans. The Raw of course referencing to G-Star‘s sub-label Raw, which is pretty cool to begin with anyway.

The Raw for the oceans collection contains various items like hats, sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and even a jumpsuit. All the items are pretty basic colored, but have one striking thing about them: there’s one or more squids involved. Plus: everything is made from materials created by Bionic Yarn, which transforms recycled plastic into clothing. Can you imagine my enthusiasm yet? I can’t wait to have that squid printed sweater in my closet.


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