Rick Owens spring 2015

So I was looking at some old blogposts of mine and I noticed there are some designers I used to love that I haven’t checked out for a while. One of them is Rick Owens. Turns out he’s pretty much on top still. His Spring 2015 collection is as awesome as you’d expect. 

I actually did write about his show in October last year, maybe you remember some of that ridiculousness, but of course ridiculousness is not all he does.  Though there were still some outfits in there that are a little too much for me, there’s also plenty of beautiful stuff.

It’s especially the colors that caught my attention, cause you can find every color in here that’s on my top list for this winter. Which is funny of course, since this is Rick’s spring collection. I guess I can keep my current wardrobe for a while. Check out my favorites!

Photos: Style.com

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