Tinder clothes

Why search and swipe for boys when you can do the same with clothes? Because you can do that now, there’s a Tinder for clothes! It’s called Swipe & Shop and it might be even more addictive than the actual app. 

So here’s a situation you probably recognize. You’re in a total shopping mood, but you’re not looking for anything specific. Nor do you know where to look for it, because there’s just so much choice! That’s what Dutch girls Nikky and Pamela thought when they created Swipe & Shop.

It works like this: you download the app, make a profile and start swiping. Every item is displayed with  info about the brand, price and store where you can buy it. Love it? Swipe to the right and it’ll end up on your wishlist. From there you can easily buy your favorite item. If you want to take a closer look, you can e-mail it to yourself too.

Also, you’ll get a message when the item goes on sale so you can shop it when the price is low. How ideal is that? You can download this thing as off today so what are you waiting for? Swipe!


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