You all know how much I love sunshine, so when I got this nomination from not one, but two of my fellow-bloggers, I had no choice but to join in. So thank you Sabine and Kim for giving me the honors to do this:

I guess I got 1 and 2 covered already so let’s move onto 3. Share 7 random facts, which is harder than it sounds really. Some of you might have seen I got a Liebster Award a while ago and also had to state some random facts about me. I won’t be copying that one so let’s see what else is random:

1. I recently moved about 1 kilometer farther away from the city center
than I used to be and I feel like I live in the middle of nowhere now.

2. My new neighbor has a cat who sneaks into my house all
the time, so I kinda adopted it and called him Pieter.

3. My nailpolish always chips after one, max two days and it annoys me extremely.
4. I work over forty hours a week and still am broke all the time. All the time.
5. I love photography and have a great camera, but still always photograph on auto.
6. My closet is so full of clothes it doesn’t fit when I did
all my laundry. I need a walk-in. Desperately!

7. In case you haven’t noticed: I’m a total dramaqueen.

Where those surprising? Tell me, I’m curious! So then off to step 4 and 5: pick 15 bloggers and notify them. Well, here they are:

Emilia – Pixels by Emilia
Kimberley – The Kimberly B
Svenja – Loving Life Is Easy
Anouk – Anouk Today
Anjelica – Modejunkie
Chantal – Cocorosa
Marlayne – By Marlayne
Jamie – Huntergraphy
Anouk – Be fit and fashionable
Renate – Dat zit wel snor
Chahrazad – The Cherry Factor
Iris – Ik ben Iris niet
Rowan – Rebellious yet romantic
Maaike – Miss Maai
Sharrel – My dark twisted mind

I’m curious to know about their randomness!



  1. Wat lief dat je me genomineerd hebt!

    En wat een een grappige fact over jou! Ik herken mezelf in sommige dingen zoals bijv. het in the middle of nowhere wonen.. ehh het is 2km naar het centrum maar het voelt gewoon zo leeg haha. Mijn camera zal denk ik eeuwig in de auto stand blijven staan -hihi-. En mijn overvolle (jawel, ik heb er eentje) walk-in closet, kleren heb je immers nooit genoeg 😉

    En ik heb er nog eentje: Nadat ik mezelf extra hard heb uitgesloofd in de sportschool mag ik dat extra stukkie chocola écht we hebben. En de reep is binnen no-time op haha -oepsie-…


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