Even though I have a list with about fifty different websites in the favorites-list on my MacBook, I’m always looking for more. More inspiration, news and fashion. After all: you can never have too much of those. So show me some more blogs to follow and websites look at!

Not that I’m bored with my current collection or something, I just like to expand my horizon and discover new things. So here’s an idea: why don’t you show me your blog? If it’s fashion, lifestyle, beauty or food; bring it on! I love to see what my readers are up to so go ahead and spam those links!


57 thoughts on “WANTED: BLOGGERS

  1. Hi Xann, leuke blog. Ik blog een beetje over interieur, reizen, muziek, kunst en mode alles met een vleugje ScandinaviΓ«. Binnenkort ook wat gast schrijvers uit die landen. Leuk als je een kijkje neemt!

  2. I am a recently started travel blogger but I’m planning on writing about health and lifestyle too. So stay tuned. In the meantime feel free to like, share or comment on my current posts and add me if you like.

    Twitter: @sabrina_ch
    Instagram: @sabrina_ch

  3. Hey, I saw your first outfit of the day post on the bloggers acedemie facebook. Its cute, simple and nice, definitely continue.

    I am a freshie recently started my blog http://www.kinetatouch.nl
    I like your blog and if you feel like I would appreciate your feedback on mine.

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