I doubt if this really works, but it does look awesome. These are the marble surfboards created by Australian brand Haydenshapes for designer Alexander Wang

Haydenshapes is a surfboard company founded by Hayden Cox in Sydney, which is known for making the raddest surfboards ever. Well, I guess they just became more awesome. For Alexander Wang‘s flagship store in New York they designed five marble surfboards, all with a unique print that fits with his black and white collections.

So yeah, you can’t actually surf on them, but that doesn’t make them less cool. It’s pretty much visual art, created with photographs of marble slabs that were digitally printed onto silk and then onto the boards.

I know I’d love to have even one of those in my home, let alone five. Hayden makes way more beautiful surfboards by the way, so make sure you browse his website, if you’re interested of course.


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