This is just a quick message from me, letting you know I won’t be around for the next ten days. Because I’ll be in the south of France hanging out on a surfboard. Are you jealous yet?

Well, you should be, because on the photo down here you see what it looks like there. I’ll be surfing for about ten days so you can imagine how excited I am. Except for the weather, which doesn’t seem all that good right now. 25 degrees with some clouds. O well, it’ll always be better than rainy Dutch weather.

Anyway, I’ll see you when I get back! I’ve planned some fun articles to publish for you in the mean time. And of course you can always stay updated with me through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And this photo up here? That’s from my holiday last year. Yeah, I’m not that quick. See ya around!

Photo: Zero Five

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