Fun times! That’s practically what you see on the photos of this months Instalife, since I’ve been doing some fun stuff lately. Let’s check it out, why don’t we? By the way, are you following me on Instagram already? You know you should.

1. Super happy with my new sunglasses from River Island.
2. Enjoying a lazy Sunday with some frozen yogurt. 

3. World Cup time! Can you spot the hint of orange in this outfit?
4. My favorite healthy snack: cherry’s!
5. Wearing my favorite loafers, loving leopard print.
6. Visited Amsterdam for an Ilovefashionbloggers masterclass by Olympus.
7. Me and my orange necklace watched the World Cup-game last Saturday and
guess what? We won again! This is my lucky necklace for real.
8. So that ended in a party, which meant I really needed to detox on Sunday. After
my workout I drank a smoothie with pineapple, banana and coconut water.
9. Starting my work week with a healthy lunch: salad with
chicken, tomato, cucumber and homemade tzatziki.


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