Miss Stella

Thanks a lot for the person who decided orange should be the Dutch national color. Every time there’s an event where we have to support our nationals – like the World Cup, just an example – I’m in a major conflict with myself about what to wear. This time however, I at least have the accessory part covered

So I’ve spent some time talking about the World Cup already, but I’m not nearly done. You see, there’s very much a fashion side about all this, but I will get to that later. For now, let’s focus on dressing to support your team. In my case: dressing orange. A very big no in my book. Orange simply isn’t my color.

That is, until I came across this cute bag my Misstella. It’s orange, but in a fashionable kinda way. Not that bright, not so tacky. I actually love it quite a lot, especially because of the cute printed outlining on the front. And it’s quite practical too, because it has many different pockets on the inside. The only downside? It is pretty small. Lucky for me, they have some bigger ones at their website too. Let’s shop!

FYI, if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get a ten percent
discount on your first buy. Again: let’s shop! 



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