Shame on me for not publishing any blog posts for almost a week, but have you noticed the weather lately? Honestly, I’ve just been enjoying the sun, hanging out with friends and shopping of course. But I’m back now! With a special Throwback Thursday edition. Festival fashion, I love it. But I might have loved it more about forty years ago.

For my regular reader it will come as no surprise that I love that hippie style. Flower headbands, fringed accessories, printed tee’s: bring it on! Lucky for me, this kind of fashion is a big trend this summer. But I’d like to get some more inspiration than just the modern day view we have on the boho-chic trend.

Recently I ran across an article by StyleList about festival fashion throughout the years. The article features a gallery with lots of outfits starting last year and going back to many, many years ago. I love to see how they dressed forty, fifty or even sixty years ago. And even though I might not copy the exact outfit, it is very inspirational. Take a look!


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