Yaya, it sounds like so much fun! And it is, even just looking at the lookbook images makes me happy. Look at all the sunshine, smiles and of course all the gorgeous clothes.

Say hi to Yaya, a Dutch label inspired by many different cultures. It’s meant for the optimistic, modern woman that loves luxury, though in a nonchalant kinda way. She’s active and has a unique character that she loves to express in the way she dresses. That’s what Yaya¬†says of course, but I have to say the description does fit the collection.

It’s a pretty basic collection, but every item has that little something that makes it totally different than other pieces. What I really like about it, are the colors. Mostly natural like beige, peach and light brown kinda shades. My favorite items are the dip-dye maxi skirt, a simple shirt with a feather printed on it and a peach colored aztec printed blazer. I think I need to save me some money again.


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