Chanel Resort

2015 might be very far away right now – hello, there’s the summer vacay first! – but that doesn’t mean my favorite fashion designer isn’t already planning what we’re gonna wear then. And so Karl Lagerfeld showed Chanel‘s resort 2015 collection this week.

What caught my eyes most is the pink hair. Though that might be weird, since I’m a fashion girl more than a beauty girl really. But as a little girl I totally wanted my hair pink. Tried it a couple times too, but it never really turned out that pretty so at one point I thought: screw it, I’m going black.

That’s not the point though, check out those outfits! “This is my idea of a romantic, modern Orient, a new One Thousand and One Nights”, Karl Lagerfeld told‘s Tim Blanks. I like the way he thinks. And I also like the colors he used, as well as the patchwork and all the pretty patterns. Those harem pants are not my thing though. They may be comfy, but really? Not so charming.


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