Do you ever buy something in some sort of impulse or just because you last minute need something black for your feet? Well, I did. And these shoes turned out to become one of my favorites.

I actually bought them two days before Christmas, because I planned to wear my black silk maxi dress but realized I didn’t have any shoes to match with it. So I went out to buy them. I mean, what’s a fashionista without a pair of basic black pumps anyway? I know.

So I thought it was gonna be a dramatically long search, because I’m not good a pump-shopping. My feet differ half a size from each other so I usually need a strap or a zipper to keep them on my feet and most pumps don’t have that. But then I went to Invito and I spotted these beauties. Straight out, black suede pumps. Simple as ever but o, so beautiful. And I looked great at Christmas dinner after all.

Shoes: Invito
Clutch: H&M



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