I’ve tie-dyed a lot back in the days. As a little girl I used to wrap strings around my T-shirts and dresses and threw them in a pool of colored water. Which resulted in pretty colored items most of the time, though it’s always a surprise what comes out. Last year tie-dye got fashionable again so I took a trip down memory lane and tie-dyed a dress. This year I discovered a label doing way more fun things with this trend.

The girls of Free Colors create one of a kind items. Which is pretty logical really, because when tie-dying you can’t really follow a pattern nor do the colors always turn out what you expect them to be. But that’s the fun thing about it. I used to do it the easy way and just use one color or only bleach, but Free Colors uses way more. Resulting in fun colored and printed T-shirts for men, women and even kids. Also, the leftover fabric is used to make accessories like bracelets or headbands. Instant summer feeling!

Shirts (€20), bags (€10), headbands (€4) and bracelets (€3) are
available via the Free Colors Facebook-page.


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