So many happy pictures in this Instalife! For a reason, because I decided to try and do a little challenge. I’m saying ‘try’ because I’m not very good at keeping up stuff like this. You may have seen me use the hashtag #100happydays on Instagram, well that’s it. The challenge is to daily post a photo of something that makes you happy. And so I did.

1. My colleague bought me cookies to celebrate
some good news I got, so sweet! 
2. Some new pictures in my frames.
3. Shopping! This definitely made me happy,
though I’ve returned half by now.
4. Tikka Masala, one of my favorite meals.
5. Showing off my shoes for Air Max Day.
6. Trying to keep this one alive, and it’s working!
7. Went to see Wouter Hamel again, loved it again.
8. New app! It’s called Mystic and it’s my new favorite. 
9. This is definitely the thing that made me the happiest: my new
snowboard. It’s Nitro‘s Mystique with Stiletto bindings by Burton. It has
purple and mint-green feathers on it, how gorgeous is that?



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