Remember how I went to a Vintage per Kilo event last year? Well, it was such a succes that organizer PreLoved decided to do it again. And of course I went again, hoping for a better score than last time.

And I did get something better, but I will tell you about that in a later blog. So anyway, I felt there were less items to check out thank the last edition. But honestly, that might have also been the case because I was quite late (it snowed like crazy the day before so the road was way more slippery than I though, not my fault). Still, it was fun to look through all the racks filled with colorful blouses, sequined dresses and cute blazers.

Too bad lots of those blazers were a very – very – big size so I couldn’t fit into them. Also, I hoped there were more accessories this time. But on the plus side, they did have pretty earrings and clothing for kids and men. Check out some of my photos, you might spot some cute items and decide to go yourself next time. Cause there will be a next time, so PreLoved’s Romy told me.

Last two photos by Christel van der Ziel


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