I’ve been whining about it forever, but now that Christmas is over I can’t wait for summer. Especially summer fashion. Flowers, feathers and flowy dresses: I love it. With that you have to – of course – find the perfect jewelry. And I think I did, more than in time for summer.

I’m talking about Moost Wanted. A Dutch brand founded by the young Marinka Oostveen. Her designs are inspired by the time she spent in San Francisco. A place I’d love to visit too sometime, by the way. It’s created with different fabrics like rope, cotton and lace.

It’s all very ‘natural’ looking and that’s exactly what Marinka wanted to create with Moost Wanted. Warmth, solidarity and a strong connection to nature. If you ask me, she nailed that one. Just look at these beautiful lookbook photos. It screams summer from the top of it’s lungs. And I love it. Even in winter.

CdB_IMG_8145_MW_Winter_2013_Collectie_Druk CdB_IMG_7579_MW_Winter_2013_Collectie_Druk CdB_IMG_7912_MW_Winter_2013_Collectie_Druk CdB_IMG_7978_MW_Winter_2013_Collectie_Druk CdB_IMG_8105_MW_Winter_2013_Collectie_Druk



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