Happy new year! Since it’s my first blog post in 2014, how could I start this one any other way? I hope you all had a great New Years Eve! I know I did, but of course that’s not the only thing I did lately. So here’s a small look into my pursuits.

1. Wearing a Heidi Liebt beanie. Love it? You’ll get
a change at winning it soon right here.

2. My friend and I went to the Follow Fashion party, where
we both bought our NYE outfits.

3. And this is me wearing it, though not so
clearly. It’s about the curls. Love it!

4. Visited Winter WelVaart with my friend, so
many Christmasy things and beautiful old ships.

5. Baking Christmas cookies!
6. New shoes! Christmas present from me for me.
7. Ready for the first day of Christmas, bring on the booze!
8. Baked a rainbow cake with my brother. Didn’t turn out quite how
we wanted too but still tasted really good.

9. My favorite: vanilla vodka!



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