Wow, I haven’t been blogging much lately have I. Days go by so fast -cliché, I know- and I’ve been sick for a while. Again. I really need to learn to plan my blogs ahead. Anyway, Sunday equals Instaday! So here we go.

1. Sinterklaas present from my parents: Angel
by Thierry Mugler. Love this fragrance!

2. Also love: my Christmas tree.
3. And this Christmas village, I want to live there.
4. Knitwear is hot, apparently also on trees.
5. Found this beautiful image online, couldn’t help but share.
6. Dinner with my family in a Japanese restaurant where I got this fortune
cookie saying I need to do what I want to avoid headaches. Good advice!
7. And another Christmas tree, this one I decorated for my parents.


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