Vintage, I love it. Though after my vintage adventure in Berlin a while ago, I haven’t been seeing a lot of it. Until last Sunday, when I went to the Vintage per Kilo event with my friend Kim, better check out her blog by the way. She’s a vintage-queen!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy all that much. Sunglasses and a blouse of which the buttons are really the only thing that caught my attention. You’ll see more about that later, maybe when I finally know what to do with it. Also, there was quite some new stuff available, even though owner of PreLoved and organizer of the event Romy Goedhart did some personal vintage shopping in London to get the area full. ‘I have some friends there who have vintage-connections all over the place’, she told me. This Groningen-born girl moved to Amsterdam, but decided to organize the Vintage per Kilo-event here. ‘There’s a lot of these things in Amsterdam and Utrecht, so why not bring it here?’

Why indeed? I’m happy she did, at least. And I guess I’m not the only one, cause lots and lots of people showed up. So check out my photo report of this busy shopping day and excuse the bad quality, lighting was quite bad in this otherwise awesome location. And also: pay attention to the gorgeous vintage sweater Romy is wearing.


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