Summer is far from here, but after spotting these dreamy photos I can’t help but blog about it. These photos show the summer 2014 collection of French designer Laure De Sagazan, which I never heard of before.

You may understand that these beautiful photos led to a search of mine for this designer. Turns out this is only her third collection and each of them looks like the one below, but just a little bit different. Her specialty is wedding dresses, but if you ask me, I’d say you could definitely wear these flowy white dresses on a regular day too. Or when visiting the beach, O, how I’d love to do that.

Anyway, did you -like me- get curious for her first and second collection yet? Check out her website where you can find her 2012 and 2013 lines. Enjoy the latest collection after the cut!


laure-de-sagazan_2 laure-de-sagazan_3 laure-de-sagazan_6 laure-de-sagazan_8 laure-de-sagazan_9 laure-de-sagazan_013Source: Honestly WTF


  1. I agree, I’d love to wear these any day of the week! They’re just perfect, dreamy beach loving summer time dresses – GORGEOUS collection.

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