I promise this will be the last time I’m writing about my birthday. I guess. O, well, it’s just so much fun! So today’s Tuesday which is a kinda weird day to publish an Instalife, but I’m doing it anyway. My last version has been a while, because my iPhone-camera broke down. O, the horror. Anyway, here’s a fun full photoframe. Enjoy!

1. Remember that boat I went one? Apparently I
liked it better than I thought.
2. Added a little flower to my interior.
3. Spending the weekend at my parents means walking
the dog in the morning. Hello sunrise!
4. Trying the new blender my little brothers got me for my
birthday. Spinach, orange and yogurt in the mix.
5. Megawatt smile cause it’s my birthday!
6. Spending the giftcard my colleagues got me, pretty pink!
7. Birthdayparty (ignore the buzzed looks, please).
8. Wearing my Uggs, summer is definitely over.
9. Birthdayflowers!


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