Wow, it’s almost ten thirty already! I thought I’d have a quiet day today. I visited my parents for Fathers Day and returned home early to do a little writing. Did I write? No. Because my iPod decided to delete all songs. These are songs I’ve been collecting for five years and of course I wasn’t as smart to do a backup. So I’ve been being busy all day fixing it and it’s still far from done.

But anyway, of course that’s not the point of this post. Because since it’s Sunday it’s time for my week on Instagram! With lots of LINDA.meiden of course. I know I’ve been spamming, I promise: this is the last time. I think.

1. Beautiful surroundings at the LINDA.meiden release party.
2. And this is what it looks like, gorgeous!
3. Covergirls and editor in chief looking proud.
4. I visited another releaseparty this week: my friend Lisette wrote her second book. So proud!
5. After loads of rain, there was a little sun yesterday.
6. I got tiny feathers in my hair, isn’t that cute?



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