It’s here! LINDA.meiden! I know I didn’t contribute anything to the magazine and that I am ‘only’ an online blogger for it, but still: I’m kinda proud. Look how pretty it is!

Also, it was so much fun to see the cover getting revealed. Covergirls Toprak Yalciner, Lisa Sips and Abbey Hoes joined editor-in-chief Jildou van der Bijl on stage to pull on a little pink cord and there it was! Filled with color and just breathing summer. Which applies to the whole magazine really. It’s the perfect item to join you on the beach this holiday.

But anyway, back to the party. It was held at cafe De Liefde -that means love, how cute!- which is such a beautiful location in the middle of a small park in Amsterdam. The LINDA.-girls turned it into an Ibiza-like lounge-room which made me want to live there. And to top it all off, you could get some Ibiza-like feathers put into your hair. Which of course, I did, but you’ll hear more about that later.


4 thoughts on “LINDA.meiden RELEASE PARTY

  1. I love Ibiza anything so I’d definitely want to live in that lounge too.:D And it’s a huge honor to be an online contributor, babe, you should be really proud.;)

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