Is it Sunday already? I guess it is! I’ve been so busy this week I didn’t even realize it went by so fast. That won’t be any different with the next one either, so much fun stuff coming up! Anyway, back to last week. It was busy, though not really eventful so there’s not as many photos as usual. Hope you enjoy it anyway. And don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!

1. Even though it’ll be more than three weeks before I’ll fly off to Turkey, I’m
already creating outfits. Can’t wait!

2. A heatwave has struck Holland! Turning my room into a
private sauna, which is not as fun as it sounds.

3. I had an interview in Zwolle, the city where I studied Journalism
for four years. Flashback much!
4. Major blond alarm! I’ve had a darker haircolor for winter, but
decided it was time to go back to lighter than light.
5. Warm weather means hayfever in my world so my throat
hurts like a bitch. Tea and honey it is.


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