One day late, oops! But since it’s the second time I guess there’s not really a deadline to it, now is there? I’ll definitely try to do this weekly, though that won’t always be the case. Just a warning. Anyway, here’s another week of mine on Instagram.

1. Me and my friend went to see Lana del Rey’s concert! Unfortunately she only played for an hour, but we had a good time anyway.
2. I went running in the woods on the only sunny day last week.
3. On my way to Amsterdam I had to get my fave Vanille Latte.
4. I made some eggwhite pancakes with banana, honey and cranberries.
5. Dinnerdate with my highschool friends turned out into a full night of partying, fun!
6. On a sunny night I decided to cycle to a nearby lake and ran into this cute little tree.
7. Make-up look! I decided to try something else again.
8. Tested this beautiful convertible for Golf & Lifestyle magazine.
9. Sushi, love it! 


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