So you know how I went to Modefabriek about half a year ago? I went again this season. And I gotta say, it wasn’t as fun as last time, though I can’t really say why. I guess it was a little bit less special. There wasn’t much I hadn’t seen before.

But nonetheless it was fun to check out the trends for next winter. What caught my eye? Colorful coats and colorful jeans. Looks like next winter there’s gonna be some more color than we’re used to. Though bright colors aren’t really my style so I’m glad there was also some lovely pastels and knitwear, as always. Enough to shop.

Luckily there’s gonna be summer first, so bring on that sun!


4 thoughts on “COLORFUL WINTER

  1. Hey meis! Ik was ook op modefabriek die zondag.. was wel gezellig:) Had ik je misschien gezien bij de pers area? P.s. fijn dat je mijn geschreven tekst leuk vind.. Ik wou dat iedereen ook gewoon eerlijk was! Fijne week;)

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