So I told you I was gonna blog about the Grazia PC Catwalk later. Later turned out to be A LOT later since I seem to be having a million deadlines lately, but here it is!

The Grazia PC Catwalk is the longest free seated front row of the Netherlands. The guys from the magazine build a catwalk on my favorite street in Amsterdam -the PC Hooftstraat- and add 150 models with the latest collections from the shops in that same street. The great thing is not only that everybody can watch, but after watching you can just walk into the store and buy the thing you liked!

The reason I was there was because I was asked by to write a report. Well, of course I’d want to do that! So I took my two friends with me and we saw the prettiest clothes and lots of fashionable celebs. Of course it was all way too expensive for me, but you know how I love window (catwalk?) shopping so who cares?

For my reports and lots and lots of pictures you can check out ZE and PCHOOFTSTRAAT. Do it!


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