I think I saw these beauties for the first time for over half a year ago now. I didn’t think they were beauties back then though. No, these Isabel Marant sneaker wedges looked like some kind of freak shoe to me. Sneakers with heels? No way. Aren’t sneakers supposed to be comfortable and cool? Not high heeled  and high fashion.

If you ask me what I think about these sneakers now, you’d get a totally different answer. I’m in love! With my 1.71 meters high I could use some extra length and wearing heels is ideal. Though heels are not always the best option so then you pick sneakers, but get teased about how small you are (yes, I’m talking to you, little brother!). So actually build-in wedges are a great idea!

And that’s not the only thing. They look awesome! They’re tough looking, way more so than my usual heels or ballerina’s, and I have to say that I like it. I’m in a way more sneaker fase right now and these beautiful creatures will look fine in my closet. Of course now all I have to do is get the money together and move up on the waiting list. Come to mama!


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