Remember how I told you I was gonna tell you more about the Modefabriek later? Well, here it is!

The Modefabriek is a place where over sixhundred fashion- and some lifestylebrands presented their latest collections. In this case it -of course- was the Spring/Summer one for 2013. I saw lots of new stuff and wish I was rich so I could get it all. But instead I’ll just take the inspiration it gave me.

It really is a place where all the fashion people come together. People with their own store, buyers, designers, journlists, fashion students and just people who thought it’d be interesting to see.

I myself went for I wrote a report about the event and will also write about new trends I saw and some cool new labels that presented their lates collection. So you better keep an eye on my Facebook or Twitter page if you’re interested to see what I discovered.

Until then I’ll just show you a photo of me enjoying the best tasting cocktail ever. Meet my Scroppino! Cheers!


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