Last sunday I went to the Modefabriek -which I tell you more about later- where I discovered the coolest new trends and brands. Par example: O My Bag!

O My Bag is a Dutch label that designs the greates -surprise- bags. They’re practical, but also very beautiful and classy. School bags, small bags, shoppers and canvas bags with drawings on it; they have it all. These beauties are pretty expesive but in exchange for that you do get a great bag that’ll go with every outfit, fits every essential item inside and will probably last for the rest of your life thanks to the amazing leather.

But that’s not all. O My Bag is a green label, very green. The bags are made of a new kind of unique eco-leather which helps to protect our precious planet. Also, buying an O My Bag bag gives people a chance to a better life. They’re made in a small town in India where people work together in de local social workshops for a fair wage, with health insurance and under fair conditions. How about that?

I’ll definitely be saving up for one of these babies.


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