Since I’ve moved back in with my parents I’ve been kind of bored. Really, there’s not much to do around here and my friends are still back in Amsterdam of course. So I was very happy to discover this website called Honestly WTF. Sounds like fun, right? Well, it is. Honestly WTF is an all round fashion, beauty and lifestyle site with lots of fun articles, beautiful photos and inspirational posts. Interesting, to say the least. But the thing that attracts me most are the DIY‘s they publish.

When I was young I used to be a really creative person. Me and my mother and grandma would always make the most crazy things. Painted t-shirts, cards decorated with lots of glitter and funny pictures, necklaces with beads in different colors. All sorts of things really.

So now I thought it was time to try and do that again. Not the way I used to, obviously, but a little more.. wearable. I already bleached two old t-shirts and knotted a bracelet. It’s pretty fun to do. I’ll show you some pictures once I made some more stuff. I’m especially trying to do the bracelets, since I love to have lots of stuff around my wrist. Check out the website, it’s great!


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