There’s a major rumour going on in fashion wonderland right now. People all over the web are saying that Yves Saint Laurent‘s new creative director Hedi Slimane wants to change the name of the label to Saint Laurent. SL. Like, SLimane? I understand how he wants to change it up a bit, but changing the name?

They say Slimane wants to give the brand a more fresh and modern feel. This seems like a pretty big change to me though. I mean, what about all those pretty logo’s on -for example- the cosmetics? What about the logo in general? Are they just gonna scratch the Y out or is there gonna be something new entirely?

If you ask me, I’d keep it just the way it is. YSL‘s logo right now is classy, luxurious and recognized all over the world. Would you really wanna change that?

Edit: YSL just confirmed they’re changing their name to SLP, Saint Laurent Paris. Thoughts?


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