Today I started my new job! Yes, the day is finally here. I have a serious, journalistic job. As of this day I’m working as an editor for New Publishers, a publisher of multiple magazines for the north of the Netherlands. I’m very excited and happy that I can finally work and get paid for writing instead of having stupid jobs like standing in a store all day.

New Publishers however is situated in Groningen which indeed means I had to move and leave my favorite city; Amsterdam. Right now I’m living at my parents house again, but I hope I can find a place for my own quite soon. But unfortunately I won’t be moving back to Amsterdam anytime soon.

I have to say, I miss it already. Also because I moved right before Queensday and missed an epic party because of that, I heard. And there will probably be lots of epic parties I’m gonna be missing because I’m not around anymore. O, how I miss that city. Yeah, okay. I’ll stop being a drama queen now. It’s gonna be fine and Groningen is a great city too. Let’s not forget: I have a job!

Last day in the city


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