Hey guys! So you haven’t heard from me for some time again, but this time I had a good reason for it. A really good reason, because I spent a long week in the most beautiful city in de whole wide world. Berlin! I hadn’t been there for two years so it was about time I went.

So now I’m completely broke. Seriously, I have nothing left. But it was worth it. I’ve been to lots of vintage, second hand an simply awesome stores, flee markets, a Wouter Hamel concert, an art house, great parties.. Well, let’s just say I had a great time. Lucky for me, Berlin is quite cheap to live in so I ate and drank -cocktails, baby!- for not all that much money.

Anyway, here’s some photo’s I took (and of course my friend took the one where I’m in) during the week to give you an impression of the pretty life there.

Friedrichshain’s club area

Chilling in Mauerpark

Random graffiti and tree

Art house Tacheles

Enjoying a Chai Latte and the best cupcakes ever

Have you ever seen this many earrings together?


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