When I was little.. Okay, about eight years ago. I always used to say I wanted to make the first Dutch Vogue. Mission failed. Because today is the day the first edition of the Dutch Vogue is available in stores! Well, one store. The store that I usually work in –de Bijenkorf– so I made it my mission to work today since I knew lots of cool and fashionable people would be there. Needless to say, my mission failed again and I didn’t have to work. Again.

So because I didn’t have to work anyway and the weather was beautiful I decided to cycle to the store (takes me an hour, yeah) to get one edition myself. Unfortunately, once I got there they were sold out. Which means no Vogue for me. Luckily only the limited edition was sold out and the regular one will be in stores as of now so I’ll just go out and buy one tomorrow. But still, I want it now!

On the right, you see the cover of this number zero. I love the colors combined with the simple white background and the lack of text. Clean and cute. O, and you have to check out the website! It’s very Vogue-ish and very very awesome. There’s so much going on beside the magazine so I’ll be busy exploring it the next couple hours. And then tomorrow I hope I’ll finally have the paper version in my hands. Welcome to my life, beauty!

Also, if any of you out there who work at Vogue read this: PLEASE HIRE ME! I’m not desperate. At all.


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