It’s been a busy week! Unfortunately it wasn’t because I was working all the time so yeah, still no money. But I have been doing some fun stuff instead. Including walking through town for about four hours. Why on earth would I do that? And why on earth would I call that fun? The weather was great! Seriously, I was walking around without my coat and wearing sunglasses for the first time this year.

So what do you do when it’s warm outside? You go find a lovely terrace to sit and have a drink with some friends. Well, not in Amsterdam. We’ve been walking around for hours -as I said- and didn’t find one place to sit. The city was completely packed. O well, at least we got lots of fresh air and worked of that bottle of wine we decided to get in the supermarket instead.

Unfortunately right now I think the sun decided he showed enough of himself for a while and it’s pretty cold outside again, but I hope that’ll change soon. I can’t wait for summer!


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