I was just listening to some music when I realized I didn’t even blog about my new favorite song yet! The thing is: I am in love with Lana Del ReyHer album Born to Die has been getting some mixed critics ever since it came out and of course I’m definitely not a music expert, but I gotta say: it’s one of my favorite cd’s of the moment.
As I said, there’s one song specific that I really like. It’s called Dark Paradise. Sounds kinda dark -well, duh- but you have to give it a try. Her voice, which is very unusual in general, fits it so greatly. And I can really relate to the lyrics too. Well, I can say a lot but you just have to listen to it. Do it!
Seems like I’m not the only one in love with her, since the girl managed to land the cover of Vogue UK‘s march 2012 issue. The photos are gorgeous and shot by no other than Mario Testino, no wonder she looks so good. I might have to take a bike ride to the city to get a copy of this one. Until then, let’s look at these beauties some more.


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