Wow, it’s been such a long time since I posted something on here. And I told myself I would keep blogging regularly, oops! I’ve been really busy with work and job interviews. Not the funnest stuff, but very very necessary (ha, that rhymes!).

It’s also been quite a long time since my article for Sparkle got published. The one I wrote after my trip to Curacao this summer, which was awesome. I gotta say, I think the article turned out pretty good too. It’s gotten a lot of pages at least and it’s even listed on the cover!

Unfortunately Sparkle is only available with a gift card called Tintelingen, given by employers to their employees with Christmas so I didn’t get to buy a whole lot of it. That does however mean that it’s been read by more than 400.000 people. Wow!

Anyway,  of course I did make some photos of how the article turned out and here they are! Tell me what you think!



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