I was just browsing net-a-porter, my favorite depressing webshop. There’s so many gorgeous stuff on there. The best shoes, clothes, bags, accessories.. and I will probably never be able to afford it. I’ll be glad if I can buy something from THE OUTNET sometime. But hey, a girl can dream right?

So what I found this time is this amazing dress by Antonio Berardi. It has an amazing shape, it’s a classy length and I just love those little sleeves that make your arms look thinner (thinner is always a big plus, duh).

But! The best part of course, is the crystals. Every girl loves diamonds, right? I’m no exception. Those pretty sparkling things just make the whole thing even more beautiful.

The bad part is that I wouldn’t have any occasion to wear it to. I mean, it’s a true Oscar kinda dress and I don’t thing I’ll ever be nominated for being a great actress. You know, since I’m not an actress. Oh, and it’s 4.874 euros so that might be a problem too.


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