You have got to check out THIS website. Blondes make better t-shirts is a company that -surprise surprise- makes t-shirts. And they really do make the better ones. It’s hilarious, one even more so than the other. Bigger, bolder, blonder is their motto and they make their outfits according to it.

An upside down pocket, a pen or lipstick stain and tire tracks on your but. The blondes might have a ‘stupid’ hair color, they sure are creative. Every t-shirts comes with multiple care and wear instructions such as ‘remove the hanger before wearing’ and ‘bleach your hair, but not your shirt’. You gotta love this so be sure to see what they’re offering. And o, it’s not just for girls! And not just for blondes!


3 thoughts on “DUMB BLONDES?

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