Affordable Versace

A little les than three more weeks to go and then it’s time. The Versace for H&M collection will be available in stores as well as online. Now I know, from previous experiences, that the online sale will be useless. The site will crash and as soon as it does work on my laptop, everything will be sold out. But, I’m also not planning on laying in front of the H&M doors with my fellow fashion lovers. Waiting for the doors to open and when they do, fight a way through the scratching nails and kicking heels.

That is why I’m hoping I have to work that day. It may be tough, cause the doors open at eight which means I’ll have to leave my house a little after seven in the morning. And no, I’m not a morning person. But it’ll also be fun, cause I’m curious to see the people falling over each other to reach for a little piece of affordable Versace.

I have my eyes on this humble piece actually. A bracelet, worth no more than 25 euros. Which is as much as I can afford right now, being without a regular job and with high rent, but I love it and I want it. Of course, there’s more pretty stuff in the collection, but I do have to say: it’s not really me. So I’m sticking with the bracelet, hoping to be able to buy it.

What do you guys thing of the collection? Planning on buying anything? You can see the complete collection on the H&M website.


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