New stuff!

I went shopping last week! After a long long time of no shopping me and my bff decided to go visit Primark. It’s some sort of goodbye for me since I’m starting my full time internship at Avant Garde next week which is gonna leave me with hardly any free time. So after shopping we went out and partied all night long. No seriously, we got home at seven in the morning and I decided I really have a hate/love relationship with vodka.

Anyway, we bought lots of pretty stuff so you better check out the photos below. The filled table contains all the stuff we bought together and the others are photos of my new purchases. Don’t you love it?


12 thoughts on “New stuff!

  1. ik zie het niet heel goed!maar ziet er wel leuk uit meis!dankjewel voor de leuke commentthanks for the comment!i have a new outfit post Check it out!xo model from hollandwww.mirfashion.blogspot.comeveryday new post

  2. Wow de schoenen (vooral die heels!) zien er echt supermooi uit, pff altijd als ik bij Primark kom zijn er helemaal geen leuke schoenen en dan zie ik bij anderen dat er zulke leuke schoenen zijn haha!♥

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