What’s your favorite band and why?

Challenge 8
Hello new challenge! I finally got around to blogging again, even though I’m so tired. I’ve been really busy, but some exiting things have happened, I’ll tell you later.

 Anyway, the challenge is: What’s your favorite band and why? To some of you this might come as a surprise, but to most of you it probably won’t. My favorite band is Tokio Hotel. It’s really hard to explain why they are, because they’ve changed so much over the years that the reasons I originally liked them for have kinda disappeared. Though they’re still my favorite band. I got to know them in august 2006 and instantly fell in love. Their music is amazing and their looks, well, let’s just say opinions differ. But nonetheless, I love it. 
I can talk for hours about Tokio Hotel, but you know what? I’m just gonna tell you to actually listen to their music before judging and then I’ll shut up. Have fun!

One thought on “What’s your favorite band and why?

  1. Soms is een blog ook moeilijk om bij te houden! Jeetje dat wist ik echt niet. Ze zijn inderdaad wel erg veranderd. Ik heb respect voor hoe selfmade ze zijn maar voor mij is hun muziek niks.

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